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of Healing and Self-Discovery

Pain is a universal human experience.

The jagged snap of a broken bone, the sharp sting of a cut or throbbing ache of a bruise, even the gut-wrenching grief of losing a loved one—we have all endured these at one time or another.

But imagine if you carried such pain through every moment of the day, every single day for years on end. 

Imagine that each time you sit down, it feels as though someone has plunged a drill into your leg, piercing all the way to the bone.

Imagine back muscles strained so taut from years of chronic injury that when a spasm hits, you can barely breathe, barely move—all you can do is try not to scream and pray that this time the prescription painkillers will work.

But even worse is the psychological toll caused by such debilitating pain. Anger, depression, despair, suicidal tendencies, guilt, worthlessness… All of these become a daily battle as well, a dark maelstrom of negativity that threatens to consume your heart and mind.

The Yellow Door chronicles the inspiring and deeply personal journey of one woman’s fight with the inner demons unleashed by chronic pain and illness.

Told in raw, heartfelt prose and lush poetry collected from nearly a decade of the author’s life, it is a profound exploration of the human spirit’s capacity for resilience and courage.

It is a true story of hope in the face of overwhelming circumstances, of redefining oneself beyond crippling limitations, and of discovering beauty in all things, even in the midst of pain and despair.

Ultimately, The Yellow Door is a journey into the depths of the heart itself, a testament of healing that speaks to anyone who has experienced great loss, searched for identity, or struggled with faith.

About the Author

Amy Pauli is a Texas-born writer and photographer. At the age of twenty-one, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis, then became permanently disabled three years later when she injured her leg and pelvis. She began journaling in 2006 to combat the severe depression accompanying her disability, and soon discovered that recording her experiences enabled her to make peace with her limitations. On good days Amy can be found exploring the back roads of Eastern Washington with her camera in hand, and on most other days working on her novel, a retelling of the world’s oldest and most beautiful fairy tale.

When You Read The Yellow Door, You Will:

1. |

Discover the light in the tunnel of darkness through one woman's reflections,

which will inspire you to see hope even in the most overwhelming circumstances. 

2. |

Realize the potential for healing even when you feel like you're trapped in a downward spiral,

so you know deep down that the current of life can change direction when you fully embrace your life journey. 

3. |

Learn how redefining yourself can enable you to escape your inner demons,

and how the battle to do so contains lessons you can leverage to find beauty where before there was only pain.

4. |

And most of all, you will experience a gripping true story

 of struggle and enduring hope that will live in your heart forever.

The Yellow Door:
A Journey of Healing

This life-affirming memoir will be available for pre-order soon in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats.

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*Contents of bonus package have not been determined yet, but may include some or all of the following: Chasing the Sun, a companion journal filled with inspiring quotes and images; The Yellow Door audiobook, read by the author herself; a signed 8x10 print of the stunning photo "Teardrop of the Sun;" and a signed copy of the deluxe hardback edition of The Yellow Door, accompanied by glorious full-color photographs.

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